‘In 1778, two Irish gentlewomen put on men’s clothing and ran away together.  Lady Eleanor Butler had received several offers of marriage but was determined to share her life with her friend Sarah Ponsonby. […] They spent the rest of their lives in a black and white house called Plas Newydd outside Llangollen, cultivating their garden, improving their minds and filling the house with clocks, cabinets and “whirligigs of every shape and hue”.  [They also had] a little dog called Sapho.’


They literally named their dog Sapho

I like this even more because my grandad’s cousin was a famous english painter named Rex Whistler who painted a huge mural wall inside this house and I had no idea there was going to be a connection to me when I began reading the post on my dash. I’ve been to see the house and never knew it had this beautiful romance in it’s history ❤️

@queenselphie sorry WHAT your grandad’s cousin was Rex Whistler?!!! Oh my goodness that’s unfathomably cool