Forever wondering how many of the people saying “we should punch Nazis” actually talk about modern antisemitism or antiromanyism, ever. Cause it sort of feels like you only care about Jews and Roma when we’re dead

Romani people are being beaten up and killed in Eastern Europe right fucking NOW, but the only ones being outraged about this and talk about it, are Romani and Jews. Deafening silence from the rest of those anti Nazis out there. Makes me spit feathers…and exhausted 😡

Ok so I didn’t know about this issue until literally right now, so here’s some articles from the ERRC.

TW for: Anti-Romani racism, Fascism, Holocaust praise/parallels, Genocide, police brutality, murder and other forms of violence.

So there’s this one

And this specifically Italian one about Salvini

Oh and this one about the murder of a Greek Romani child

And Fascist massacres of Romani people in Ukraine.

These are all within the last month.

Mainstream international media is generally apathetic towards these issues, but please make an effort to keep yourself informed. People are dying.

Reblogging again with the info because I totally didn’t know until I saw this post too!

Aren’t Romani children being segregated in schools?? Segregation is still alive today and no one is saying anything about it