I still don’t understand why the kids were in that cave, and in it so deep! Its wonderful they’re alive but what the hell was that man thinking?

Aside from the miracle of everyone on that football team, and the coach have surviving. So many nations came together to help with this situation. Its beautiful

Okay, here are the explanations I’ve read:

According to some, news in Thailand has reported that the coach didn’t take them in, but went looking for them.  I don’t know if that’s true but I read that in some news article comments made by people who claim to be locals.

Even if he did take them in, all the warnings at the cave state that the danger from the rainy season starts in July.  Rains came early.

Also even if the coach did take them in, they weren’t that deep to begin with.  They were pushed farther and farther in by the flash flood waters, which blocked their original route in.  They had no choice but to keep going deeper until they found high-enough ground to wait.

Four have been rescued, and the second round is under way now.  I’m really scared for the remaining boys.  They have to scuba for miles in the pitch black and If one of them panics there could still be tragedy.  Fingers crossed SO hard.

Okay yeah I read something about there maybe being some kind of initiation ritual about slapping the end of the cave wall?

They got 4 more out! So that’s 8 total. Everyone will be out soon hopefully