So it’s a bit of a mess now innit? D&rsq…

So it’s a bit of a mess now innit? D’you reckon another referendum is on its way or another election?

There’s no way I’m even going to speculate on something like another referendum.

Another election though? It’s entirely possible but I feel like the Tories would try to avoid it as much as possible. If they had their way they’d oust Theresa May in a private internal manner and just replace her without risking another humiliating defeat in a general election considering how much of a fractured shambles their party is and will continue to be long after Brexit is decided one way or the other.

The other parties will try to pressure May into calling another election given her entire justification for the previous one has collapsed. But whether that’ll be successful or not is very debatable.

I personally hope it happens. Both for the obvious ‘vote the Tories out’ reason, and because months ago I put a bet on there being another general election in 2018 when it seemed like a nonsense possibility but now it’s looking distinctly plausible.

Basically everything Tory is kind of on fire and right now I’m just happy to dance around the flames until they either explode or burn out.