David Davis and Boris Johnson resign

After many weeks (months?) of little to no new Brexit news (other than lots of re-hashing of old ideas), today brought two big announcements: the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson.

Davis feels like the more significant of the two. As head negotiator for the UK, what terrible timing. And how little accomplishment. What started with a famous photo, Davis smiling on one side of the table with no notes or documents, and the EU negotiators on the other side with stacks of prepared reports, still reflects the current status of the negotiations.

The EU has been clear about its stance and red lines, and the U.K. continues to in-fight and submit vague proposals that do not come close to addressing the complexity of the issue at hand.

Perhaps the low moment for Davis came when he revealed that reports researching the impact of Brexit did not actually exist. The situation today does not look much better. Theresa May has attempted to move towards a softer Brexit due to pressure from the business community and little progress on the negotiations, but the statements and documents coming from the government (particularly concerning no deal) still show a shocking lack of preparedness and understanding of the EU’s position. It still looks like the UK negotiating with itself while the EU stands by waiting.

The EU will no doubt not shed a tear about Davis leaving, but what a waste of time he has been. This October should have marked the end of negotiations. What now?