hi everyone. please bear with me while i explain today’s hot take

• john faustus, a character from kit marlowe’s #classic piece of jacobean theatre dr faustus, canonically went to college in wittenberg

• hamlet, a character from billy shakes’ #classic piece of elizabethan theatre hamlet, also canonically went to college in wittenberg

• faustus and hamlet went to the same university. gays instinctively flock together and since faustus and hamlet are both undeniably too dramatic to be straight, it can be safely assumed that they’d meet

• just to recap: john faustus, the guy who LITERALLY, honest to christ, summoned a 100% organic fresh from hell demon due to a killer combo of loneliness and horniness and somehow thought this was a good idea, went to college with hamlet, the tragic twink with daddy issues and a ghosthunting hobby

• so we got two gays. two gays flocking together in wittenberg. presumably spending their days acting out the medieval equivalent of buzzfeed unsolved

• where am i going with this, u ask

• honestly?? nowhere. i just want everyone 2 know that it is my belief that john faustus was hamlet’s college bf

• hamlet? gay. faustus? gay. ghost adventures au? essential to my survival

• thanks for coming to my ted talk

i 100% agree. i thought about this a lot in january when i was in a production of faustus overlapping with a separate production of hamlet.

and shoutout to the american shakespeare center for selling this “wittenberg university” t-shirt that i could wear in conjunction with rehearsals for BOTH PRODUCTIONS and still have it work 

Hotter take: that season the asc did hamlet and faustus together and sold that shirt (and lil wittenberg penants that were super super cute) they did a play called Wittenberg wherein Faustus and Martin Luther were two of hamlet’s /professors/