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Happy International Working Women’s Day!

Bon Dia de la Dona Treballadora!

This is the perfect song to celebrate this day: I tu, sols tu by the Valencian folk band El Diluvi.

This song is based on the short poem Divisa (“Emblem”) by the Catalan poet Maria Mercè Marçal (1952-1998):

A l’atzar agraeixo tres dons: haver nascut dona,
de classe baixa i nació oprimida.

I el tèrbol atzur de ser tres voltes rebel.

I thank chance for three gifts: to have been born a woman,
lower class, and of an oppressed nation.

And the cloudy blue of being three times a rebel.

Here’s the lyrics of the song in Catalan and their English translation.


Seràs aquella que vas voler ser,
You will be what you wanted to be,

seràs la tres voltes rebel,
you will be the one who is three times a rebel

seràs un puny alçat al vent
you will be a raised fist in the wind

i tu, sols tu,
and you, only you,

faràs vibrar cinc continents.
will shake five continents.

Emancipada de qualsevol dolor,
Emancipated from all pain,

vas eixir amb l’alegria de qui no té por,
you came out with the cheerfullness of she who is not afraid,

de qui sap que el demà,
she who knows that tomorrow,

de qui sap que el demà serà millor.
who knows that tomorrow will be better.

(Repeat chorus)

Alliberada a qualsevol espai,
Liberated from all spaces,

no deixaràs que ningú t’ature mai,
you won’t ever let anyone stop you,

seràs l’estel que guiarà,
you will be the star that will guide,

seràs l’estel que guiarà la llibertat.
you will be the star that will guide freedom.

(Repeat chorus)

Ets la forta tempesta d’abril,
You are the strong April storm,

un oasi amarg per als teus enemics,
a sour oasis for your enemies,

eres la forta tempesta d’abril,
you were the strong April storm,

el sol que esclata les flors,
the sun who bursts the flowers,

un oasi amarg per als teus enemics,
a sour oasis for your enemies,

l’espurna que brilla a la nit.
the spark that shines in the night.

(Repeat chorus)