Vince Cable’s TV debate challenge to Theresa M…

Vince Cable’s TV debate challenge to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn:

Two ways this goes:

  1. Neither of them respond because they’re so set on Brexit being an unstoppable necessity that to even debate the specifics is a waste of time.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn turns up and is purposely as vague as possible promising a nice, snuggly, lovely Brexit that gives everyone jobs and creates a utopia despite never saying how, and Amber Rudd turns up to stand in for Theresa May and proceeds to scream “Brexit means Brexit” in an increasingly hysterical and desperate voice.

Personally I don’t see it going anywhere. According to those who hold power Brexit must happen because of reasons and any attempt to even discuss the actual details of it is an evil attempt to usurp democracy at best and openly declaring traitorous war against the UK at worst.

Brexit will barrel ahead regardless like the rampaging colossal idiotic monster that it is and anyone attempting to be reasonable about it will be forever shouted down.