Brexit will expose the EU’s democratic deficit…

Brexit will expose the EU’s democratic deficit | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian:


FFS Gary, usually I like your articles quite a lot, but this one is nonsense. You don’t talk at all about how democratic the EU is, not a jot.

It irks me so much when people claim the EU is undemocratic or even anti-democratic. It just demonstrates how little they know about EU institutions and EU law, and usually also highlights their ignorance about some of the less democratic aspects of the UK.

If anyone would like a run down of how the EU is very democratic indeed, let me know. I will happily write an essay on it. The bottom line is – the EU is plenty democratic and in some ways is more democratic that the UK.

I’ve always thought that the UK shouldn’t be throwing stones about how democratic or not something is when we have both First Past the Post to decide the makeup of our House of Commons, and we have the House of Lords which is the most undemocratic governing entity outside of actual dictatorships.