Young Europeans to get free Interrail pass this summer

Young Europeans to get free Interrail pass this summer:

The train ticket, worth up to €510 for a month’s travel, grants holders the chance to journey across 30 countries in Europe at almost no extra cost on 32 rail networks.

The European Parliament proposed the scheme in 2016 to encourage young people, especially those on low incomes, to explore the continent and “foster a European identity”.

The first participants will travel this summer.

YES! Thank you sooo much! We need more projects like this. Projects that bring a real European experience to ordinary people. 

Also, I am sure that with a little will from industry, the cost could
be significantly reduced, by for example creating special tickets that
only work off-peak? This could be seen as a once off promotion, to make young people familiar and more comfortable to more environmentally
sustainable rail travel over the currently dominating budget airlines?