oh my god this NYT opinion piece about why we shouldn’t be too familiar with Jane Austen because it is Beneath Her Dignity is hilarious for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the breathtakingly confident assertion that we would NEVER call Great Male Authors by their first names or obsess about their personal life. 

I just want to take the author by the shoulders like…… buddy. pal. friend. You have never met a fan of Victor Hugo in your life, have you? 

#and this isn’t even getting INTO fans of Oscar Wilde or like. god tbh most of the romantics get talked about like old pals#or Conan Doyle Fans. I know I’ve called him ‘Artie’ more than once#things I personally have called Victor Hugo:#(or seen him called)#vicky large#‘vic. buddy. pal.’#victor fucking hugo#‘victor WHY’#The Judgeypants#‘a drunk old man who wouldn’t shut up for 60 hours straight’#‘vic please’#‘victor HUGE-O’

can I just say how deeply pleased I am that people are reblogging this with all the pet names they call their favorite authors and historical figures