Of all the crunchy hippy shit that has yet to become popular over here but I found to be relatively common in the UK, I miss refillable soap dispensers the most. 

I’m not meaning, the multi-packs you buy in stores to refill something, I am meaning stores where you take your empty containers and get refills of all your liquid soaps (shampoo, hand, dish soap, laundry, whatever), so as not to have to buy MORE plastic shit that isn’t actually recyclable when you look closely at the labeling*.

You’d think US hipsters would be all over that self righteous eco shit but nooo, here I am, trying to do my bit for the planet and the one and only eco-friendly store I have in my whole State is using non recyclable plastics in their packaging while touting how superior their products are over “evil” chemicals. I’d be fucking better off using Dawn dish soap (if I wasn’t allergic to it) cause at least then I could fucking recycle the bottle afterwards. Good grief.

Idk maybe I just lived in hippy central in Scotland, who knows. I did grow up going to Faslane protests as a kid.

Don’t mind me kids. Just having a moment. I didn’t choose the crunchy hippy life, but by god if I have to do it for health reasons I want to damn well do it right.

It’s even more ludicrous when you consider a bunch of rich fuckers drinking raw water for the health benefits and talking about how filtration systems are bad for the planet, like aye fucking great, not only are ye’s no vaccinatin yer kids, yer now actively trying tae get cholera too. Fuckin brilliant idea. 

Could ye’s mibe put some of that insane wealth into daen something actually good for the planet before ye kick the bucket, I dunno like mibe fundin sustainable resources for future generations? or are ye’s just total glaikit scunners trying tae outbid each other fer a Darwin Award? Right, great. Amazin.

Guys. GUYS. The raw water fools broke Joy. She’s going full Scotch on them. (And I love it.)

Ahm fuckin o’er here drownin in medical debt and  tryin no tae die from a huner-an-one health problems and these fuckers are oot there drinkin fuckin unfiltered water for the “health benefits”, get tae fuck the lot of ye’s, fucking heeds screwed on backwards, Jesus Wept.