Instead of having a central authority, have your faith be based off of regional cultural tradition. That way, people will be less likely to try to declare a central canon, because there’ll be so many!

may i also suggest not writting down the cultural tradition of the religion? that is what we do here in the norse iron age, we never explain anything in print. good way to get out of fightning with other believers about worshipping the asagods! cause you know, we do not even have notes of central religious canon to compare!

unfortunate if the religion fall out use though, and then the sources of our believes become super confusing, but well well. you win som you lose some when you are not a scripture based religion!

The gods actually gave us writing, so we’re kind of obligated to write stuff down :///

The gods gave us writing too! But we mostly use it to write: “I was here” on different objects, like rune stone, Comb, the byzantine emperors wall….

Anyway, very little scripture writing going on! Our religious stories are told in a poetic format which as certain formalia rules too make it easier to remember though ^_^

Well so have been told anyway, although also being a oral tradition religion, who even going to notice if you say something “incorrect”. *suddenly appearing village elder* “I WILL NOTICE!”

Hrm shush you mother – in law. Did i not give you the task to serve dinner today? Go back to the porridge!

Tru tru, but if you have different regions writing different accounts, you get more or less the same result. Plus, you get to write ~*sexy poetry*~

Sexy poetry :O

Amazing, we never wrote down any sexy poetry, so we have no idea how we here in the norse iron age wrote erotica.

Starting to see more and more benefits to writing down legends and religious texts!

A vision from the future tell me that the most scandelous thing has gotten preserved from norse mythology, was the time loki kink shamed all the gods, but no one in this future i see, got confirmed if the sex acts loki kink shamed the asagods for, ACTUALLY happened in the mythology, or if loki made it all up.

Tragic really. All this norse iron age erotica, lost to the ages 😢 😢

Perhaps it is time to start carving a rune stone of dirty poems…..

Yah it’s a real fun time! But also try sculpting it on the sides of your temples too. Writing can be tricky bc of grammar and stuff, so why not have fun w pictures?

oh having fun with art that i love and do alot. my fave is doing art were it is uncertain of what i am even potraying. that is just the style we prefer!

Here i am pretty sure i am trying to tell some kind of story, but, well, we should have remebered to write a title of the story on it, cause we frankly have no idea what the story is. could be religious, could be entertaiment, could be showing a real life event in a imgnative way. who knows? no one!


[Name: Hunningestenen. Sweden, Gotland. Belongs to Gotlands musuems collection]

My blog header is also an example of some norse iron age art! being that the horse have nine legs here (well nine…. ish leg) the horse rider could very be the god odin.

also it shows of the dressing style of the person standing on the ground in a rare detail for norse iron age art. thats some norse iron age swag going on right there! and that is indeed, the dressing style of norse iron age helga:


[Detail of norse iron age picture stone. photo: Christer Åhlin/SHM]

but these are me on a very realistic art day tbh. mostly i draw. snakes ???? with rune writing in it!


[Rune stones in Simrishamn, Sweden. Reference number DR 345 and DR 344. the text on the second one tell us it is made in the memory of Ravn, who “who were in the employment of Gunnulv in Sweden”. Photo: Magnus Källström]

i just love snakes, and in particular jörmundgandr, the earth encircling serpant so much ya know?