a viking with a lil bit of an overinflated ego


the typical rune stone that talks about real people is a memorial stone over a dead loved one. and it is almost always clearly written out which relative/friend of the dead one paid for the rune stone. 

fuck that! said

and ordered six rune stone to made about him while he was still alive. and instead about writing the typical message of hoping that the gods will take care of a dead loved ones soul, his stone is bragging about how rich he is.

so this is one of jarlebanke rune stones:


The text reads
“Jarlabanke lät resa dessa stenar efter sig, medan han levde, och han
gjorde denna bro för sin själ, och ensam ägde han hela Täby.”

which roughly translates to: “jarlebanke ordered this runes stones to be made. while he was still alive. and he built this bridge for his soul, cause he alone owned all of täby”

*falls over giggling* this is wonderful. being humble? nah. jarlabanke says: “I OWN THIS REGION!! I MAKE SIX STONES!!”

also täby is still called that and is today a rich suburb to stockholm. so he litterally sounds like täbys first rich fuck boy tm. a iron age fuck boy

[Iron age rune stone.
Reference number U164. Name Jarlabankes bro. Registered with the national swedish heritage board]