Folklore Headcanon (Sort of): Iron, Blood, and…



Traditionally, the Fair Folk are said to detest iron; cold iron, specifically, with some interpretations saying that the mere contact of iron against fairy skin will burn them. One interpretation is that the fear of iron is symbolic of technological progress during the Iron Age; iron weaponry would certainly be better than tools of wood and stone. 

While I was on a lunch break at work a while back, I told this little fact to some of my co-workers. My boss was there and after hearing this, asked something along the lines of “Then does that mean that fairies don’t have iron in their blood?”

My answer basically amounted to “Probably not.” But recently, I started thinking about that conversation again, while also reading a few books on folklore (I had just recently found our library’s exhaustive collection of Celtic/Irish/Scottish/British folklore books, on the topmost floor), and I also came across this post regarding the folklore and science behind fairy rings again, so that got me thinking…

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