So medieval swedens monarch is?

I have no idea, cause we enjoy pretending the stewards of sweden were the kings and Queens of sweden.

Queen Margaretha I of denmark WHO?

*Shifty Eyes of modern swedish history education avoiding to mention sweden were once ruled by denmark under the union or Kalmar*


can’t tell the difference between the stewards [=riksföreståndare] of sweden during the union of kalmar, and swedish monarchs, because swedish school history education still call them all kings and queen of sweden anyway.

or why notcall them  BOTH steward and king?

(like this is seriously confusing. we call them things like: King Birger Jarl. who was the steward [=riksföreståndare] of sweden. and also! Jarl is also a title. sometimes translated to Earl. but here, perhaps more fitting to translate it to steward. so King-Steward Birger. and these kind of nicknames, of which they are during casual convo remebered by, makes stuff confusing).