Halifax Gothic


  • “The sidewalk is closed, pedestrians must use other side.” There are pedestrians beyond the sign.
  • You go to cross the Macdonald Bridge. It is closed. You cross the Mackay. You see the Macdonald Bridge is open on this side.
  • The echo of cannonfire. It is noon.
  • You miss the 1. You make eye contact with the driver as he goes by. You turn around … the 1 is there again. Isn’t that the same driver?
  • The thick fog rolls in. You trust the water is still there by the foghorns.
  • The smell of decay fills the hot summer air. “Don’t worry,” the locals assure visitors, “It’s just the water.”
  • “Don’t swim in the harbour,” the locals warn. You see people catching fish and taking them home.
  • You walk up Spring Garden. You walk up Young. You walk up Sackville. You never seem to walk down.
  • You are told you’re at Pizza Corner. A single pizza parlour adorns this corner. Many pizza parlours adorn many corners.
  • The Harbour Hopper goes down Barrington again. The announcer sounds desperate. The passengers already know. They would like to hop the harbour now.

This is great and I wanna remake one for my hometown of Halifax England