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If true, that would make the SNP the second largest party in the UK.

FTA: Most estimates put the figure at around 100,000, but the head of the Campaign for Conservative Democracy said he believed it had dropped to just 70,000.In stark contrast, Labour said it had 552,000 members last summer. Both the Scottish National Party (118,000) and the Liberal Democrats (103,000) also reported six-figure totals.

One part of me really wants to get really happy about this is as a collapse in the Tory party that spells it’s doom.

But the more rational part of me knows that registered membership doesn’t mean anything in regards to electoral performance (the Lib Dems have more members than them now for god’s sake) so the Tories will just keep lurching along like the hideous blood-sucking creatures that they are, seemingly resilient to any efforts to put them down and refusing to just fucking die.