Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker vom 01.01.2018 um 11.15 Uhr

Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker vom 01.01.2018 um 11.15 Uhr:



I listened to some of this yesterday on BBC Radio3. If I’d been there in person I’d probably have been distracted by the presence of the fascist-lite Chancellor Kurz.

Even though I am not a fan of our new Chancellor Kurz, as an Austrian I kind of feel obligated to put some perspective to the whole situation. 

There is currently a disinformation campaign happening against Chancellor Kurz that has been linked to the Russians. Here an article from a respected Austrian newspaper about it:

It is a strange one, as they seem to make him look a lot less establishment and right wing as he really is. The goal is probably to further division in Europe, or at least let Europe appear less united to English speaking population?

Kurz is a member of our conservative party (ÖVP), but there is little in his policies that suggest he is a fascist, not even lite. He can be considered a fascist enabler, as he formed a government with the far-right
FPÖ as junior partner. In an attempt to break the reform stalemate between the conservatives and socialists. (So yeah, he kind of had some bad reputation coming.)

One could also claim that he used populist tactics during the election campaign, but same could be said about most politicians. And most of them he borrowed from the Bavarian CSU, a party German Chancellor Merkel is governing with.

So, I am obviously not somebody who voted for him, but I respect my fellow Austrians who did. Democracy must respect other opinions and form consent. Which is also the reason why I am not extending the same notion to the FPÖ, they are not looking for consent and are threat to democracy.