Question for anyone who actually follows this …

In the New Year I’m considering possibly de-activating this blog. Not because I’m going away, I need to vent way too much about politics for that to ever happen. This is my only place to really do it, so I’m still gonna be here.

Thing is, this isn’t my main Tumblr blog. And it not being my main blog limits what I can really do with this one to an annoying degree. I can’t just reply to or just like other posts because it comes up as my ‘main’ blog which isn’t one I massively one anyway. But all the stuff I’d feel the need to reply to is stuff more associated with this blog.

But anyway.

Question is this: Would any of you still be remotely tolerant of my rambling bullshit if it came mixed with stuff that’s not politics-related? And no I can’t say which ‘stuff’ specifically because fuck only knows what I end up obsessing over from one moment to the next.

I can’t just scrap my main blog without tanking this one as well and don’t want to just change that one into a politics one now. So I’d need to totally delete everything and start fresh.