newro: Welcome A Czech doctor is stopped at the airport…



A Czech doctor is stopped at the airport returning to America. Then, they take her to the back room.

Should you ever wonder why Schengen is so important, just watch this video!

Free movement in Europe

Originally, the concept of free movement was to enable the European
working population to freely travel and settle in any EU State, but it
fell short of abolishing border controls within the Union. A
break-through came in 1985 when cooperation between individual
governments led to the signing, in Schengen (a small village in
Luxembourg), of the Agreement on the gradual abolition of checks at
common borders, followed by the signing in 1990 of the Convention
implementing that Agreement. The implementation of the Schengen
Agreements started in 1995, initially involving seven EU States. Born as
an intergovernmental initiative, the developments brought about by the
Schengen Agreements have now been incorporated into the body of rules
governing the EU.