Pro and anti-independence Catalans call for EU help

Pro and anti-independence Catalans call for EU help:

Catalan leaders, both for and against independence, called on
the European Commission Thursday to mediate in the standoff between
Catalonia and Madrid over the regional government’s plan to hold a
referendum on breaking away from Spain.

The EU can’t be seen to mingle with internal affairs of a member sate, but mediate they can, and asking them to do so is certainly the right thing! 

In my opinion the current independence referendum as wrong. The last thing Europe needs is yet another referendum full of wishful thinking and fairy tales. But I can’t blame the Catalans for holding it, since Spain doesn’t allow them to have a proper one! Looking at these pictures, clearly something needs to happen:

I hope Spain sees the need to grant the people of Catalan a proper referendum. One where they sit down and first lay out what a future relationship with Spain and the EU will look like. Giving the people of Catalonia a real option to make an informed decision. And for Spain to peacefully recognize it. 

Latest polls I’ve seen suggest that a slim majority is actually against independence, but an overwhelming majority of Catalans are in favour of holding a referendum.