I love Gordon Ramsay so much.

He comes from a very poor family. His father was an alcoholic who beat him and his mother (he once poured hot tea over her and put her in hospital several times), his brother is a drug addict, he literally built an empire out of nothing.

He credits his mother as his biggest inspiration and often has her cooking in his shows.

When he left his first restaurant he pulled a successful Jerry Maguire

– the entire kitchen staff went with him. That tells you what he’s like to work with.

He was one of the first to give a restaurant to a female chef.


He went to prison (Gordon Behind Bars) and taught inmates to bake and they opened a bakery (Bad Boys Bakery) that is still running. He hired one of them when he got out.


He did documentaries about the cruelty of shark hunting and cocaine. (when he discovered cocaine was used by his staff he didn’t fire anyone but made sure they are offered treatment)

His kids are a treasure.

He is always ALWAYS kind to servers.

When one of his partners (Marcus Wareing) wanted to leave they got into a fight and settled it in court, they no longer speak to each other but this is what Marcus said about him after the fight: 


I feel bad that the first association to him for a lot of people is this shouty TV chef when he’s truly a wonderful person. 

Oh and then there’s this:


this entire episode 

never forget that the reason he’s “shouty and angry” on his tv show is that he’s yelling at people who ignore the rules of courtesy and food safety and basically feed their customers poison, something which would enrage any good person

Privately-funded ‘mission to the moon’ to celebrate Apollo 11 anniversary

Privately-funded ‘mission to the moon’ to celebrate Apollo 11 anniversary

kittykittyme: watchthelightfade: too-ticki: …




Percy, calm the fuck down  (x)

mary shelley: hey, you wanna go grab a burger king?
me, percy shelley: Good morning, are you perchance tempted to acquire a Meaty Sandwich Royal?

The original “me, an intellectual” meme




Mozart is goals tbh. He didn’t call his piece ‘Leck mich am Arsch’. No, he called it ‘Leck mich im Arsch’ and if that isn’t a power move then I don’t know. Mozart was fucking wild, man. A true Austrian.

Can’t believe Mozart was the only person brave enough to profess his rim job kink



I love that I keep seeing that support post for Common Language Bookstore, and thought that people might want to spread that love to their local. LGBT+ bookstores are a dying breed, but they don’t have to be!

**on 18/04/18 the front window of GtW was smashed in an act of vandalism, which does happen quite frequently. While their online store gets up-and-running, they have a mail order service available! Details on website!

This list is probably not exhaustive, just what I managed to find with a little bit of searching. If you know of one that’s not on this list, leave a comment!

Help spread the word and support LGBT+ small businesses ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

DFTBA – Kurzgesagt EU Poster

DFTBA – Kurzgesagt EU Poster:

EU Passenger car registrations: +5.8% first two months of 2018; +4.3% in February

EU Passenger car registrations: +5.8% first two months of 2018; +4.3% in February:

In February 2018 the EU passenger car market grew by
4.3%, with new registrations totalling 1,125,397. In volume terms, last
month saw the best February results since 2008. Nearly all major EU
markets posted growth, except for the United Kingdom (-2.8%) – where car
sales declined for the 11th consecutive month – and Italy (-1.4%).
Spain (+13.0%) recorded the strongest gains, followed by Germany (+7.4%)
and France (+4.3%).

Diesel sales are noticeably down throughout the EU. Petrol is on the up and so is electric, though the later varies massively between region due to:  Insufficient support for electric vehicle charging infrastructure hampers uptake, new report shows. Where there is good infrustructure in place, people buy more electric cars.

gayleontologists: “Jane Williams gradually be…


“Jane Williams gradually became Mary’s second great love, through whom she would be what she wished she had been to Shelley: unstinting, idolatrous, self-sacrificing” – Emily W. Sunstein, Mary Shelley: Romance and Reality, 264.

Come to Florence, my dear Jane, & let us see if mutual affection will not stand us in some stead in our calamities—Our fate is one, so ought our interests here to be; we can talk eternally to each other of our lost ones, and surely they would be best pleased to find us together. I will deserve your love—if love can buy its like; and with me—perhaps you may attain the peaceful state you desire—I might ease you of some of your cares—& your affection to me would be a treasure. Mary Shelley to Jane Williams, January 14, 1823

Cartoon by Oliver Schopf via DerStandard.

Cartoon by Oliver Schopf via DerStandard.








TIL that in WWI, the Germans disguised one of their ships as a British ship, the RMS Carmania, and sent it out to ambush British vessels. In a hilariously bad stroke of luck, the first ship it encountered was the real RMS Carmania, which promptly sank them.


XO: “Captain, that appears to be….us.“ 

CO: “Ha, nice try Jerry. Now sink the bastards.”

Brits seeing the German ship:

Germans seeing the Brit ship as they get sunk

“Crikey sir that’s a massive mirror”

“Shut up and fire johnson”

Germans: we kin you

Brits: no doubles