The EU #NetNeutrality rules entered into force in April 2016….

The EU #NetNeutrality rules entered into force in April 2016. They ensure that all traffic has to be treated equally. Internet access providers cannot pick winners or losers on the internet

Anna Soubry receives messages calling for her …

Anna Soubry receives messages calling for her to be hanged as a traitor:

In case anyone thought the Dominic Grieve death threats were an isolated incident, apparently not.

Can everyone now at least admit that Brexit has been fucking horrible for any sense of national unity? This is the single most hideously divisive issue I can remember in UK politics, especially if it’s motivating certain kinds of people to threaten MPs who don’t vote the way they want with death.

Jo Cox’s tragic murder proves that this kind of dangerous talk can become dangerous action.

And I do hold the Daily Mail at least partly (a large part, mind) responsible for fanning the flames of hatred on this one. Irresponsible, inflammatory sensationalism does nothing to make any situation better, ever.








Tbh the idea that German is an angry or ugly language is just French propoganda to divert attention away from the fact that French sounds exactly like when your dog is choking on some plastic wrapper he found somehow

for the most part german sounds exactly as it looks and their words make sense ie submarine’s logic: ‘boat that goes underwater? let’s call it underwaterboat’ 

french is a hell language that the french are elitist about and act prissy over even though like 50% of the letters that make up any given word don’t even get pronounced

Just to add, as a former opera singer I had the delight of finding that the spoken French I knew was of almost no use when it came to singing because they literally could not sing the way they speak it. We had a fluent French speaker in our year who was advised not to sing in French because learning all the new rules might fuck up her spoken French. French is fucked up.

Btw best language to sing in? Italian, hands down. Best language to speak, German hands down. Best for poetry though? Honestly English, because we have so many different words for the same fucking things, even if most of them are stolen, that means when you’re painting in English you have a bigger pallette.

French is pretty good for sounding fancy, I guess. If you like that sort of thing.

I literally speak French and even I know it’s condescending

The whole thing just comes from rich English snobs using French language and fashion to assert how much better they were than everyone

All you have to do to debunk “French is fancy and pretty” is listen to 20 seconds of Quebec French b/c Quebec French sounds like a mean duck doing a bad impression of a duck he doesn’t like.

Québécois is to French what Chilean is to Spanish this is just a fact



*goes to england*

me: excuse me, what time is it?

brit: time wots that m8?

*big ben chimes*

everyone starts to count the bongs on their fingers*

brit: OI IT’S 7 BONG

Kennedy’s Manitou shines in St Tropez

Kennedy’s Manitou shines in St Tropez:



Whatever the pros and cons (mostly cons) of our shitty voting system, at least it has the potential to deliver a more representative result than a one-off referendum.

Winning a referendum does not mean that:

(a) Everyone who voted on the winning side is 100% gung-ho of the most extreme version of that outcome.

(b) You can disregard everyone on the losing side, because democracy doesn’t work that way.

© Parliament is now irrelevant, even though the government implementing the referendum decision has no majority and no mandate for their current plans.



What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants…

What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants the world to know:




It is not often you get the chance to meet a man who holds a place in history like Ben Ferencz.  He’s 97 years old, barely 5 feet tall, and he served as prosecutor of what’s been called the biggest murder trial ever. The courtroom was Nuremberg; the crime, genocide; the defendants, a group of German SS officers accused of committing the largest number of Nazi killings outside the concentration camps – more than a million men, women, and children shot down in their own towns and villages in cold blood.

Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive today. But he isn’t content just to be part of 20th century history – he believes he has something important to offer the world right now.

Lesley Stahl: What turns a man into a savage beast like that?

Benjamin Ferencz: He’s not a savage. He’s an intelligent, patriotic human being.

Lesley Stahl: He’s a savage when he does the murder though.

Benjamin Ferencz: No. He’s a patriotic human being acting in the interest of his country, in his mind.

Lesley Stahl: You don’t think they turn into savages even for the act?

Ferencz: Do you think the man who dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima
was a savage? Now I will tell you something very profound, which I have
learned after many years. War makes murderers out of otherwise decent
people. All wars, and all decent people.

This is what I mean when I say, “Remember that [person who did a terrible thing] also has a family, a normal job, and friends.” I don’t mean “they were a good person.” I mean “remember that all ‘good people’ are capable of violence, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and every other bigotry. Nobody is incapable of horror just because they’re also capable of normality.”

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thewinedarksea: Fae Series


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